In the words of the Founder of Precision Tuition, Dimitrios Kazanis: "Success lies in customised learning. Education must be tailored to the unique personalities, gifts and potential of young students."


“Each student is receptive to knowledge in different ways. No matter how well his or her teacher explains content, some students simply need more time to take in information, as well as refine vital skills,” he says.


“Seeking assistance is not something to be ashamed of. Tutoring provides a supportive environment for students. Especially for those who need reinforcement and additional time to be guided in the right direction.” 



  • Precision Tuition is offering In-Home, Workshop and Online Classes. Find out more by clicking the tab at the top of our page

  • Precision Tuition is now receiving enquiries for 2022 NAPLAN and HSC WORKSHOPS. 

  • 2022 exams are being finalised as we currently speak. Great news for teachers across NSW!

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