A proud moment from #GradWeek18. Alyssa.A has worked tremendously hard in Legal Studies this year and has already secured a position to study Law at Macquarie University in 2019! Before commencing her future journey, she is extremely determined and preparing to take out this year's Legal Studies Exam on October 22 💪📚🙌 #LegalEagle #Prodigy #StriveforGreatness


Sandra has been working very hard with Victoria since returning from her holiday break. A clean 25/25 in her most recent Super Spelling Test! 📚🔥👌 #Education #YoungTalent #Precision


Nominated for Multiple Awards!! Most Outstanding Education Service, Youth Award & Business Person of the Year. Let the Countdown Begin! #2K18 #PrecisionTuition #Education


Nicola with Ava and Helen (Year 3)- The girls have been working very hard in their Monday afternoon lessons! Keep up the great effort girls!💪📚 #Education #PrecisionMoves #AllSmiles


It's school holidays and our students are still making strong progress 💪 Some snaps, achievements & highlights from Week 1 #SayCheese #Precision #Learning #Levels


Mikayla and George putting in some solid hours for General Mathematics 💪 #PrecisionMoves #2K18


Congratulations to young Joseph, who placed first in his year level for Mathematics in 2017! 🎉 Joseph has been working very hard throughout the entire year and his super-tutor Micha has effectively ensured that maths remains fun and engaging. Great stuff! #YoungTalent #PrecisionMoves #2K17


Precision Tuition- Canterbury-Bankstown's Most Outstanding Education Service for 2017. We did it! #Winners #LocalBusinessAwards #2K17 #Gold


A huge congratulations goes out to Caitlin, who graduated from Bethlehem College, Ashfield today! 🎉 She has been working very hard with Tien and will be ready to perform for that final Modern History paper in a few weeks! We wish her all the very best! #graduation #2K17 #precision


Nicola and Mitchell have been working very hard together over the past few weeks. As we close out what has been an amazing year, it's time to get into that Christmas spirit. 🎄 With numbers of course... 🤓 #Precision17 #MakingMathsFun #TheMostWonderfulTime


This morning it was time for our girls from Mount Saint Joseph Milperra to graduate! A big congratulations to Nicole and Lourdes who have each worked extremely hard with Isabella and Rebecca across English and Studies of Religion! #GradWeek


Jessica with young siblings Aston and Ayden. The two brothers have been working very hard and are improving in their Arabic and English. We could not be any prouder! Ohh.. and yes. A pose for the camera #Education #Precision17 #SayCheese


#Throwback to when Precision's Dimitri visited Harvard University, one of the most prestigious and iconic universities of all time 🎓 Work hard, set goals and strive for greatness. #ThrowbackThursday #Scholars #PrecisionMoves


We also saw our Year 12 students from Georges River Grammar graduate today! A huge congratulations goes out to Carol, Christophine & Jen. It has been a pleasure to witness these young ladies evolve and pursue greatness. We wish them all the very best! 🎉 #Graduation #HallofFame #2K17


What time is it? Time for Financial Ratios! Precision Tuition has been very busy with its #TrialHSC workshops and one-on-one lessons over the holidays. Our Year 12's are preparing extremely well and are definitely making the right moves to achieve success! #PowerMoves #GrowthEfficiencyProfitabilitySolvencyLiquidity #KnowthoseFormulas

Year 5 student Anthony, learning to formulate arguments for his discussion piece. It's never too early to start!


Year 12 Student Reece @ his grad ceremony with Jessica last week! 🎉 He is preparing very well for that final Physics exam in late October #Graduation #2K17 #HSCPhysics — with Jessica Nissan.


Some shots from last Wednesday's Local Business Awards Evening #PrecisionTuition #Winners #2K17 #Education


Some shots from last Wednesday's Local Business Awards Evening #PrecisionTuition #Winners #2K17 #Education


Our Year 12s from the Class of 2017 have all officially graduated! 🎉 What a week it has been! Some shots from today's East Hills Girls Technology High School Graduation. HSC Exams, our Year 12s are coming for you!!!! #Graduation #Precision17 #Education


Our Year 12s from the Class of 2017 have all officially graduated! 🎉 What a week it has been! Some shots from today's East Hills Girls Technology High School Graduation. HSC Exams, our Year 12s are coming for you!!!! #Graduation #Precision17 #Education

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.34.23 PM

Precision Tuition- Canterbury-Bankstown's Most Outstanding Education Service for 2017. We did it! #Winners #LocalBusinessAwards #2K17 #Gold


Precision Tuition extends a huge congratulations to Denise for being the DUX of our Year 12 students in 2016. Her performance in the final HSC exam block was astonishing and her ATAR was a strong reflection of her hard work and dedication. We wish her a lovely Christmas and all the best as she faces new challenges in 2017. #Classof2k16 #Dux #GreatnessInTheMaking


Year 9 Mathias recently placed in his Taekwondo competition and we could not be any prouder! This is what we are all about here at Precision, balance and commitment! #YoungProdigy #PrecisionMoves


Jessica with siblings Connor, Reece and Nicholas. The three brothers have been working very hard this term and continue to do us proud! #PrecisionFamily #StriveforGreatness #Education


Absolutely amazing to see Precision Tuition and Mount Saint Joseph School student Denise Youssef's amazing #HSCresults in this week's edition of The Bankstown Canterbury Torch Newspaper. Congratulations to Denise on a tremendous result; achieving an ATAR of 96.75 and securing a position to complete a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW (The University of New South Wales). We are so proud of all our #Classof2016 HSC students and their achievements

A new classroom decoration ...


George and Year 9 Student, John. Young Johnny continues to make the right moves and work towards improving his Mathematics mark. And yes...after his lessons, he likes to occasionally pose for the camera #PrecisionFamily #TrusttheProcess


The Precision Team extends a huge congratulations to Year 12 student, Christophine. This young lady was a recent recipient of the Victor Chang Award for outstanding achievement in science. On top of that, she has been given the honour of leading her school as College Captain in 2017. We could not be more proud of her! #greatnessinthemaking #legacy


Congratulations to super-siblings Christina and Saydie for cleaning up at their end-of-year award ceremonies last Friday. Both girls have invested lots of time and effort into their studies and have significantly improved their results in English and Mathematics. We are very proud of them both! The scary thing is that there is so much more potential to be shown as we head into next year. We cannot wait!! #2K16BreakthroughPerformance #YoungTalent #PrecisionMoves


Mateo with Michaela (Year 7). Michaela is undoubtedly our most improved student of 2016 and has worked very hard with the always dedicated Mateo. Her effort and willingness to invest time into her studies has been truly remarkable. We wish her all the best as we close out what has been a fantastic year for Precision Tuition! #youngprodigy #aspireandinspire


#BenjieBoy putting the work in!


#throwback to when Year 12 student, Yousuf, put in the hard work before the HSC Business Studies exam. Yes.. He wrote out the entire syllabus and its sub-headings off by heart. #youngprodigy #powermoves #throwbackthursday


Today, Year 12 student Karim graduated from #ChesterHillHigh in style. Dimitri has had the wonderful opportunity of working with both Karim and his older brother Jamil (pictured right) throughout their HSC journeys. We wish Karim all the very best and will be making sure that he is ready to go for the Advanced English and PDHPE exams #Classof2k16 #graduation #andanotherone


Our super students from Bethlehem College had some special visitors at their Year 12 Graduation today. We wish Gloria and Rachelle all the best in their pursuit for greatness! #Classof2k16 #precisionmoves

Our very own brand ambassador - Year 11 Student Natalie!


Micha with her students Kevin and Taylah. We are very proud of these two siblings and the efforts they have put in to improve. #precisionmoves www.precisiontuition.com.au


Jessica with Year 7 student Isabella. They have been working very hard together to boost those Mathematics marks! After winning the #precisionmoves award in Term 2, Jessica surprised Isabella with a set of 'nail polish highlighters'. Yes, very trendy! We are very excited to see how this young lady continues to develop and improve! Keep up the great work!


George with the young champion Dominic. Dominic has been working very hard in both English and Maths and continues to thrive academically. #striveforgreatness #dynamicduo


Dimitri with the two Precision Tuition lesson winners at "Punchbowl's Biggest Morning Tea" last Saturday.

Year 12 General Maths Tutor Samantha, with her students Nass, Khaled and Jasem, who graduated from Chester Hill High School. After pushing hard to improve over many months, these boys and their families have been very proud of the significant progress they have made, and will go on to achieve great results in their upcoming HSC examination. Congratulations boys, keep up the hard work!

Dimitri also had the opportunity to attend the Graduation of his students Jasem and Miray . Both students have worked persistently throughout the year to achieve outstanding results. Jasem began his HSC facing many difficulties in PDHPE/English, and has turned things around by securing 3rd place in his cohort for each subject. Similarly, Miray has truly become an expert in legal studies, finishing in the top 5 in her class. She will be gunning for the Band 6 come mid-November!

Congratulations to Shireen who graduated from East Hills Girls High School. She has worked persistently all year and overcome many obstacles, leading to great success in Legal Studies and Business Studies. With multiple top 5 places in her Legal Studies Assessments, Shireen is on par for a Band 6 for Legal Studies and Band 5 for Business Studies.

Year 7 student Aleyna in her private one-on-one Maths lesson.

Going back in time to the early development of the Precision Tuition workshop!

Put simply, our primary students have never forgotten how to do subtraction since! Who said maths couldn't be fun?

Did someone say ... Maths?

Year 12 General Maths student Khaled taking the lead in his small group workshop.

A sneak peak of the HSC General Mathematics syllabus study notes, provided to Precision Tuition students along with their lessons.

#throwback to when Year 11 General Maths student Natalie used her holidays to her advantage to get in some early revision ahead of her Prelim exams starting later this term. Her motivation? With the help of Precision Tuition she has smashed her Maths average by over 50% in just one year and she REFUSES to go back!

Year 7 student, Aleyna loves her maths "golden notes" provided by her Maths Tutor Samantha. With a new booklet for each topic, these complementary notes cover all syllabus and curriculum dot points, including step-by-step instructions and worked examples to guide her both in and out of tutoring lessons.

Year 11 English student Gloria has gotten a head start on her Year 12 Discovery unit and has even already memorised the rubric! Big things are coming for this girl and WE. CAN'T. WAIT!

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