At Precision Tuition, we've been very lucky to have worked with a number of wonderful students and parents in the community. Here's what some have had to say about their personal experiences with our team:

"My daughter completed her HSC in 2018 and wanted to excel in Legal Studies. She wanted to pursue a career in law at university.
I began searching for a tutor that didn’t only teach concepts and emulate what schools do, but rather help my daughter to pursue a growth mindset and engage in positive and active learning. Dimitri was recommended to us by a close friend and enhanced my daughter’s confidence remarkably. His knowledge and his teaching skills helped her believe in her strengths and have faith in her ability to achieve her personal goals. He also provided her with a caring and trusting environment, which in return increased her self-esteem, independency and intrinsic motivation. 
Thank you, Dimitri, for being a great teacher and an inspiring mentor."

- Rola Aboultaif

Parent of Precision Tuition Community

Accounting Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney

"It has been an absolute pleasure to see my children grow under the guidance of the Precision Tuition Team. I have seen my children's work and abilities develop significantly. By receiving help from Dimitri and his team, my children are more focused and have a greater sense of direction. These tutors help my children with a wide range of subjects across all years. I have seen a magnificent improvement in the ways that my children organise themselves, study for exams and assignments, as well as approach tasks with greater confidence. All of the tutors work to the best of their ability and truly give it their all to help my children. I would strongly recommend working with this this team. The team ensures that my kids continue to grow in a healthy learning environment and work towards receiving top marks."
- Georgina Naouss
Parent of the Precision Tuition Community
"I sought assistance from Precision Tuition in Term 2 of my HSC year, as I was struggling to achieve decent marks in Mathematics and English. My tutors were talented individuals who worked hard with me from day one, ensuring my areas of weakness were covered whilst overall, continuing to further my knowledge. This soon paid off as my assessment marks improved, and so did my confidence in these subjects. They encouraged alternate approaches to studying and exam preparation, which enabled me to achieve my desired marks in both subjects. Overall, my experience with Precision Tuition has been extremely positive and I can't thank my tutors enough for their constant support and expert assistance throughout my HSC year!"
- Rachelle Sotirio
 Advanced English and Mathematics (2016)
Rachelle went on to achieve Band 5s in English and Mathematics is now studying a Bachelor of Design at Macquarie University.


"Precision Tuition taught me skills that enabled to significantly improve in Standard English and Studies of Religion. Dimitri's understanding of my weaknesses had helped me to technically refine my skills and build the confidence needed for exams.
Precision Tuition’s culture and uniquely tailored methods creates a memorable learning environment for all."
- Peter Vuong 

Standard English and SOR I (2016)


Peter achieved a Band 5 in both subjects and is now studying a combined Bachelor of Business Management/Applied Finance degree at MQU

"Dimitri from Precision Tuition helped me achieve my goal of a Band 6 result in Legal Studies during my final HSC year. Dimitri also motivated me and challenged me to reach my potential of scoring an ATAR above 90. Dimitri’s passion towards teaching and education sparked me to pursue my interest in Legal Studies and gain university admission into a combined law degree. I would definitely recommend the tutors of Precision Tuition to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are."
- Jason Hooper 
Advanced English, Extension English, Legal Studies & PDHPE (2012-2013)
Jason achieved a Band 6 in Legal Studies. He is now a Lawyer at Clayton Utz
"Precision Tuition really enabled me to focus on the subjects I was lacking in. When I felt like the assignments and exams were becoming too much, the tutors always made it feel easy and helped me organise and maximise my marks to my full potential. Both my tutors, Samantha and Dimitri, gave me significant support in and out of the classroom. They also helped me to see the content of the subject as enjoyable rather than an overload of work."

- Jasem Waizani 

Standard English, PDHPE & General Mathematics (2014-2015)

Jasem is now studying a Bachelor of Podiatry at WSU

"My experience as a student attending Precision Tuition was a great pleasure. With the overwhelming amount of work that began to pile up during the HSC year, my tutor helped alleviate the stress. Through a range of study techniques and preparation strategies, my tutor always guaranteed that I had the required knowledge to excel in each of my assessments. With the confidence and guidance of Precision Tuition supporting me, it did not take long before my results in school began to considerably improve."
- Costa Dimitriadis 
Advanced English, Extension English, Legal Studies & PDHPE (2013-2014)
Costa went on to achieve a Band 6 in Legal Studies, PDHPE and SOR I. He is now a Junior Urbanist at Ethos Urban