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The Precision Tuition team collaborates with education professionals and experts across NSW to provide examination papers of the highest quality. All examinations are designed to effectively assess curriculum requirements in NSW and are purchasable by SCHOOLS ONLY.
Our examinations also have a specified SECURITY PERIOD and are supplemented with marking criterias/outcome mapping grids to make assessment easy for teachers.

Our Papers for 2019 Include:

- Higher School Certificate Examinations (Half-Yearly and Trial Examinations) [Year 12]

- Preliminary Higher School Certificate Examinations (Final Examinations) [Year 11]

- Stage 5 Exams (Final) [Years 9 & 10]

- Stage 4 Exams (Final) [Years 7 & 8]

*Exams are supplemented with a Marking Criteria, Mapping Grid & Short Answer Section Booklet


Below are some sample pages of our exams, criterias and mapping grids, downloadable in PDF:






If you are struggling with time or have not covered all content, you can also BUILD YOUR PAPER! We will customise it at your request.

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